07. January 2019
Happy New Year! It's a brand new year and we have a brand new schedule. Kids class will now be from 5 PM to 6 PM on Tuesday and Thursday followed by adult class from 6 PM to 7 PM Tuesday and Thursday. We look forward to an exciting new year with many special events. Bring a friend to class and let's have fun! We still have a standing schedule for adults to visit RMNU Headquarters in Tampa the first Saturday of every month. Update your calendars now! See you on the mats, Oss! Coach Wallace
17. December 2018
Happy Holidays from the Gator Family. We will have regular scheduled classes this week. Christmas and New Years day both fall on a Tuesday. We will be closed on those days. Following both of those days we will have an open mat on Thursday from 5-6 PM. The New Year will bring a new schedule. Starting on January 7th we will train every Tuesday and Thursday with kids beginning at 5 pm and adults beginning at 6 pm. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Fantastic new year. Coach Wallace
17. November 2018
Lani walked into our Academy and signed up without ever taking a class. She never looked back. Rarely missing class she has developed an impressive game with Spider and X-Guard. Somewhere between being a Mom, wife and running a business she finds time to compete on the National Level bringing home numerous medals. Lani is proud to support her teammates at the great organizations such as Girls In Gi's, Pretty Dangerous Women and Josei Heishi Jiu-Jitsu regularly attending seminars. Professor...
13. November 2018
I see it happen every single year. When January 1st rolls around millions of people decide to "Get in shape!" Here's the scenario, you wait a few weeks to let the crowds at the local gym slow down right? In the meantime you go buy an entire "Workout" wardrobe because you have to look good while exercising. When you finally make it to the gym you find the wait for machines are still really long and the guy before you didn't wipe his sweat off before he left. At this point you are getting...
08. November 2018
Starting anything new is always challenging. Not knowing what to do and feeling awkward can turn you off almost immediately. Starting something new can also be rewarding and fun. Overcoming the initial "That's not for me!" thought is critical in the process. Here's a thought to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to start something new "If you want something you've never had, you're going to have to do something you've never done before. Professor Robson Moura always says "If you want it...
06. November 2018
I started Jiu-Jitsu when I moved from a physically demanding job to a more sedentary career. I wanted to stay in shape and have fun. I was surprised during my first class at how easily people took advantage of my mistakes and submitted me. I was humbled and thankful at the same time. I quickly learned just how much critical thinking was involved as well as movement. Through dedication and consistent practice my confidence began to grow off the mats and into my career. Nine years later I am so...
25. September 2018
Tonight begins our new schedule for this quarter. Kids class is at 5:30 and adult class is at 6:30 every Tuesday and Thursday. Get in and train! Not a registered student? Try Two Weeks for only 19.99 See you on the mats 👍 Coach Wallace
09. August 2018
Hello Gator Family, There are previously scheduled activities happening at the Academy this Friday. There will be no open mat. Training at 7 PM tonight 8/9/18. See you then, Coach Wallace
04. August 2018
The Gator Family has a standing invitation for all registered adults to train at RMNU Headquarters on the first Saturday of the month. On 8/4/18 I had the opportunity to train with Professor Robson and the RMNU Team. We all enjoyed great instruction from Professor Robson as always. Followed by some competitive rolls. Everyone stayed for open mat to roll, get tips, and catch up with friends. The biggest difference was RMNU 2.0 The space has been under construction for a few weeks. Walls were...
30. July 2018
Summer is winding down and kids are gearing up for another school year. It's Time to settle back down and get into a rhythm. Or is it? We have two choices! Keep doing what we've been doing and get the same results or change one thing to be better than what we were yesterday. Bullies are a fact of life. Learning and training to defend ourselves is a choice. Being Confident is a choice. The Gator Family is ready to help you and your family achieve your goals! ✔ Choose Confidence ✔ Choose...

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