New Years Schmu Years... Let's do this!

With the New Year just around the corner, You are setting goals for 2016. For many it will be to lose weight, get in shape, learn a new skill, and meet new people. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great way to reach these goals and and improve your overall quality of life.

If you have been on the fence about taking up Jiu Jitsu or just want a new hobby or challenge, Now is the time to find the right school for you and start training in 2016. Here's why; Practical Self Defense – Jiu Jitsu is one of the most effective martial arts for self-defense where the smaller and less athletic individual can defend themselves against larger and stronger assailants. While traditional martial arts still require speed and coordination in order to execute kick and punch combinations and primarily practice through katas and forms, Jiu Jitsu relies on efficient techniques that are practiced in live one-on-one sparring situations.

Street self defense D
efending yourself against an attacker while on your feet, and defending yourself on the ground while on your back. You and your training partner will be providing resistance and will be working to advance position and submit your training partner. Not all rounds of rolling need to be a 100% battle,

Unlike going to a traditional gym
or marching to the beat of a spin or aerobics instructor, you are constantly learning new self-defense and body movement skills in Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu is constantly evolving with new techniques.
“I THINK THE MORE I TRAIN AND THE MORE I MEET PEOPLE WHO ARE IN JIU JITSU.. THEY’RE HEALTHIER PEOPLE. THEIR EGOS ARE HEALTHIER. THEY’RE EASIER TO TALK TO. THEY’RE EASIER TO HANG OUT WITH. BECAUSE THEY’RE FACING REALITY ON A REGULAR BASIS.” More Fun Than a Regular Gym – Most of us have been members of a regular gym and we know the routine. There is leg day, chest day, back day, cardio day and it is a very monotonous routine that can get very boring, very quickly. There is also a feeling of individualism and isolation when it comes to going to a regular gym. You might have a workout partner or friend, but in many cases you go in there and workout with the weights, machines, and treadmill on your own for an hour or so and go home. There is not the same sense of community in the "Gym" as in "Jiu-Jitsu".

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