18. February 2022
I've heard it said many times in the Martial arts World and especially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that you either win or you learn in competition. I have to whole heartedly disagree with that statement! I know it goes against the status quo. I know people will have something to say and I'm ok with that. Hear me out and come to your own decision. In the movie Forrest Gump the lead character played by Tom Hanks said "Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna...
12. May 2021
Here's what to expect at your first intro class at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The first thing you will see is smiling faces. Our friendly staff will help you complete a short waiver and get you fitted for your free loaner uniform. Starting anything new is always challenging. Not knowing what to do and feeling awkward can be a terrible feeling. That's where our Coaches and assistant come in and guide you through. Starting something new can also be rewarding and fun. Overcoming the initial...
10. January 2021
To most people even veteran Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, the word competition conjures up feelings and visions of extreme stress. To some competition gets their blood moving in the right direction. Some people live for their next fight. The Gator Family always promotes and encourages competition but it is never mandatory.
16. June 2020
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be utilized for safer restraining for Law Enforcement when an arrest is necessary.
02. March 2020
On February 29th 2020 the Gator Family hosted our 1st Annual Picnic. What a great day visiting with friends, eating fantastic food and hanging out. Thank you to everyone in attendance and we look forward to next year.
13. February 2020
The year is off to a great start. This February the Gator Family is celebrating Seven Years serving the West Volusia Community. This Friday Feb. 14th we are having an Open Mat starting at 5:30 PM hosted by Coach Zack.
09. February 2020
Another exciting and fun filled Self Defense Seminar with the Thunder City Roller Derby Sirens. Schedule your private group now. Coach Wallace has issued a goal of achieving top ten in the world this year. Competing at the Atlanta Open he has moved into 23rd place. With nobody in his division he has moved up to light weight at the Miami Open. Giving up 40 pounds. He hopes to dominate the division on his birthday and bring home gold to his family. IBJJF PAN AMS are coming in March and Coach...
03. February 2020
You will never know your courage, your strength or your determination without testing yourself. Whether it's stepping on the mats for your first Jiu-Jitsu class or competing for a World Championship. Testing your limits provides an avenue for personal achievement resulting in greater confidence. It is never about recognition, belts or prestige. It is about pushing your limitations to be better than you were yesterday and inspiring others to become their best selves. Train your body and mind to...
28. December 2019
I've heard it said that Jiujitsu is an individual sport. Each person is on their own journey and when you compete you are on your own. While these statements are very true I have found in my ten years of training that without my team I have nothing. Each individual brings something to the table to be counted. Jared brings pressure while Christian brings quickness and speed. Lani brings solid technique while Brian brings consistency. It's true that each of these people are on their own journey...
14. December 2019
2019 Gator Family Jiu-Jitsu Awards.

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