Gatorfamilybjj 2021 Newbreed Tournament
Gatorfamilybjj 2021 Newbreed Tournament

To most people even veteran Jiu-Jitsu practitioners,  the word competition conjures up feelings and visions of extreme stress.

To some competition gets their blood moving in the right direction. 

Some people live for their next fight.

The Gator Family always promotes and encourages competition but it is never mandatory. 


On January 8th 2021, The Gator Family headed to Jacksonville, Fl. For the Newbreed New Years Open with competitors. 

The hardest part of any competition is the waiting. 

It was great catching up with all of our Teammates families outside of the school. 

It really helps pass the time waiting on matches and takes everyone's minds off the anticipation. 

I can imagine the stress on a parent of their child in competition. 

It has to be excruciating!

As a coach I have to say I an excited but on the other hand I am losing my mind.

It's one thing to compete for yourself. It's an entirely,  completely other thing to wish, to hope to well, not be in control of the outcome of the situation. 

To be entirely honest, coaching is really tough.

The reality is someone wins and someone loses.

I hear it all the time. "You either win or you learn." 

I disagree,  you win or you lose!

Let's call it like it is!

In reality you learn if you win and you learn if you lose.

The key point is losing. 

Yes, in competition you may lose.

That's the gamble. You have to wager something to gain something.  

That's where most people stop.

They're not ready to expose themselves to the unknown. 

Then there are those like Devin who shows up and says I'll take the challenge 


Tournaments take forever thats for sure.  It's the breaks that bring the Family together. 

When the call for your up next comes,

Every one comes together and supports their teammates like no other.

And never ever forget about the underdog.

They're coming for you!

Join Camden on the podium to get started with our Competition Team. 


127 E New York Ave Deland Fl.