When the going gets tough...

Whether you're a fresh white belt or a seasoned veteran. You will come across challenges in your Jiu-Jitsu career. It could be injuries, it could be scheduling conflicts. It could even be something between a student or your instructor but, the facts are, somewhere along the line the going is going to get tough. 


This is where the right mindset comes into play. Ask yourself why it is that you started in the first place. Was it just to get in shape? Was it to have someone push you just a little bit harder? Did you want to enter the competition scene and dominate? Don't forget whatever your why is.


Jiu Jitsu on one side is a one-person sport. You learn techniques for yourself. You challenge yourself. You better yourself. On the flip side, and in my opinion more importantly. Jiu-Jitsu is a team sport. 

When you register for classes you're not only investing in yourself, but you're investing in your team. Without training partners it's very hard to train. 


When the going gets tough, and it will. Your team will be there to help. It's important to make the best effort possible to get to class. If you are injured, sit on the sidelines supporting your team and take notes on the techniques presented. 


Of course life gets in the way, and there will be scheduling conflicts. Staying late at work because of a meeting is really out of your control. If you could make the last 20 minutes of a class it shows support to your teammates and you can still get a little training in.


If you are going to be out a few days or a few weeks let somebody know. Touch base with your instructor or at the least another student. When your teammates come to class and you're not there, they start asking what's going on, where's so and so. 


When your membership is up and you decide to move on or take a break from Jiu-Jitsu or even go to a different Academy. Talk with your instructor let them know as a courtesy.


Academy owners and instructors devote a large percentage of their time building an academy and helping people improve. maybe you just can't afford it anymore. It's important to touch base with your instructor one way or another. 


So when times get tough, as they always do. Remember your “WHY” and get to class not only for yourself but also for your team.