3 ways Ninja Warrior training can elevate your bjj game.

    I'm sure you have watched the popular show on TV, American Ninja Warrior. Men and women challenge themselves on an obstacle course and try to do it in the fastest time. These athletes train for this competition. As BJJ athletes we train for fun, fitness and competition. We all want to get better and improve. I've put together 3 ways that Ninja Warrior training can improve your BJJ game.



Doing the berimbolo or playing inverted guard comes easy for some people. For others it can be difficult or even painful. How about someone doing the double under guard pass and smashing you? Wouldn't being more flexible be an advantage? On the Ninja Warrior show I have noticed the competitors leaping from one obstacle to another. I see them swinging and reaching as far as they can. Sometimes they will just hang there. Be it jumping, reaching or swinging, all of the athletes are doing something in common. They are stretching and gaining more flexibility. Hanging allows the spine to stretch and adjust itself. Jumping builds strong leg tendons and muscles as well as stretching the groin muscles. Swinging and climbing helps keep the shoulder flexible and mobile. 


Eye-Hand Coordination

Ever go for a collar grip and miss it? It happens! Want to defend against collar grips? You can do grip training in class over and over. It will get boring after a while. Take your grips to the next level with Ninja Warrior training. Every obstacle is slightly different which requires different strategies. While flying through the air you will have to focus. The fear of falling is also in the mix adding some intensity. In the jumping elements, balance is key. Each obstacle requires your full attention. You can hone your eye-hand coordination as well as balance in Ninja Warrior training.


It's Freaking Fun

I've never seen anyone on the show that wasn't happy to be there. Your workouts should be fun not boring. Jumping, spinning, swinging, climbing, It's like your playing Spiderman. 


    Who knows, you could be the next American Ninja Warrior! A side benefit is that your Jiu-Jitsu game will be better from cross training. Find a training course near you and get started. I heard that one is opening soon in Deland, Fl. I can't wait!