Kids Testing & Promotions 2/28/19

Deland Jiu-Jitsu
Deland Jiu-Jitsu

Being promoted is exciting. It let's you know you are progressing and brings a feeling of accomplishment.

At Gator Family BJJ we follow the IBJJF rules for kids promotions.

Once per month a child is eligible for a stripe if he or she has attended at least eight classes, has shown self control and can properly demonstrate the techniques covered for that period.

Four months equal four white stripes. On the fifth month if requirements are met the child receives a red stripe signifying they are eligible for a belt promotion.

On the sixth month the child will be promoted to the next belt rank after passing testing.

Kids Belts:


Grey w/ White Stripe

Solid Grey

Grey w/ Black Stripe

Yellow w/ White Stripe

Solid Yellow

Yellow w/ Black Stripe

Orange w/ White Stripe

Solid Orange

Orange w/ Black Stripe

Green w/ White Stripe

Solid Green

Green w/ Black Stripe

Kids are considered adults at age sixteen and may be promoted to Blue or even Purple Belt at the Coaches discretion.

Our Kids program will have testing and promotions this Thursday during regular scheduled class at 5:30.

If your child currently has a red stripe on their belt they will be tested for a belt promotion.

You will be receiving a Congratulations form. Please note that all membership dues need to be current and there is a 25. testing and promotion fee. 

We look forward to many well earmed promotions this month.

See you on the mats!

Coach Wallace