Black Belt Business Systems

Here are a few options we offer to gain access to our entire Black Belt Business Systems,


  • Complete System with no rights to GFBJJ branding. $4,800.


  • Partnership, GFBJJ will partner with your business and split expenses 50/50. Both partners will also share in profits. Your business has the rights to use GFBJJ branding but is not required. Your business may buy out GFBJJ at any time. If after buyout your business would like to continue using GFBJJ branding a franchise agreement would be necessary. The full buyout will include any expenditures GFBJJ has not recouped and additionally the full price of our Black Belt Business Systems $4,800. While in a partnership with GFBJJ your business agrees to implement our systems at all times. If for any reason your business breaks the legal agreement, GFBJJ will assume full rights to the business.


  • Franchise, your business will assume all expenses and liability. Full GFBJJ branding rights and the complete Black Belt Business Systems Manuals. Requirements:
  1. $200. per month for 24 months per a legal agreement. 
  2. Remain in good standing.
  3. Complete SafeSport training.
  4. One seminar per year with Professor Wallace (Fee Negotiable).
  5. Purchase Uniforms through Combat Corner.