Courage, Heart, and Respect, CMA and the Gator Family are so very proud of our warriors that went to battle at the 2014 NAGA US OPEN at the Coronado Resort at Disney Orlando. Nick Chillemi had some hard battles and came away on the podium with a Silver Medal in the GI division. Lani Stover fought in two divisions fighting experienced grapplers. In NO GI, Lani earned a spot on the podium with a well deserved bronze metal. In the Gi division Lani showed she is a force to be reckoned with, earning a Silver Medal. This is the first of our students competing at the National level. Congratulations Lani and Nick on your accomplishments. The Gator Family is now looking forward to the Florida State Championships. We have turned up the volume for training and are looking forward to taking more competitors to represent Robson Moura Jiujitsu Association, Gator Family/RMNU Deland and CMA.


On March 11th 2010 I walked in to a local Martial Arts Academy. I had no idea that day would forever change not only my life, but the lives of many others. I tried a free class and had to tap out with every training partner. Every time I blinked I had to submit from some crazy position they had me in. I just had to learn what they were doing. I signed on the dotted line and began my journey the next week. I trained Muay Thai kick boxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu four times a week. I admit, it was really hard for the first month. Learning something new is difficult, but working muscles in a new way is a totally different story. Getting worked over every day presented two decisions. Give up, or work harder. I chose to work harder. Giving up never crossed my mind. I had asked a business owner and in my opinion a very successful man what his secret was a year earlier. He told me "perseverance, have a goal and let nothing stop you". I pushed forward and earned the rank of Green Belt under my Instructor Ryan Mann and 8x World Champion Professor Robson Moura. I continued to put hours on the mat. Techniques became a little easier and bigger opponents, a little less menacing. On May 24th 2011 I was given the opportunity to test for Blue Belt. I had created a demonstration of 20 techniques to display my versatility. On that day Prof. Robson Moura tied my Blue Belt around my waist. I continued my journey teaching the kids class at West Volusia Academy of MMA. I realized that kids are our future. Not only for Jiu-Jitsu but our society. I put everything I had into our program. I feel so much responsibility to provide the best instruction and life goals to our youth. Shortly afterwads the owner of our academy decided it was the end. Myself and several others found the fact hard to comprehend. I contacted Prof. Robson who gave me his full support. I set out to continue RMNU DELAND. I contacted agent after agent to secure a place. they all wanted way too much money or wouldn't allow Martial Arts. By luck of the draw, Somebody I spoke with knew somebody looking for a iiu-jitsu program. After an exhaustive interview, I founded Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2013. No matter your goal. keep trying.  Prof. Robson taught a fantastic seminar this past year and we look forward to next years. Dec. 2nd 2014 I was promoted to Purple Belt by Prof. Robson. "There is no fail, only results". learn from your results! PERSEVERANCE, #hardwork #persistence

Our daily routines are who we are. We do the same things day in and day out and hope everything will get better. Sometimes changing one little thing we do will make all the difference. We make new year resolutions and stick with them for a few months. We need a Team, a Family to support us and hold us accountable. If you are truly ready to make that small change and be the best You! Contact a Family that will support you the whole way. Free trials available for a limited time.Kids and adults will have so much fun getting in shape, learning life lessons, and the best self defense system. Contact us now to secure your spot, space is limited. Private and group classes available. Want more info? Check out our Homepage.