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02. May 2019
The Gator Family is excited to announce a new teen class! Beginning on Monday May 6th young men and women ages 11 to 15 years old will have their own program. Bridging the gap between kids and adults, our teen program will focus on more detailed techniques without the intimidation of grappling adults. Teen class will be Monday and Wednesday at 6:15 PM. Upfront pricing $80 per month No Contracts Stop in at 127 E New York Ave. Downtown DeLand to get started.
11. April 2019
The Gator Family is gearing up for competition. While competition is encouraged, it is not mandatory. This Friday April 12th 2019 from 5 to 7PM. we invite all members to attend this training. Even if you never want to compete. We need referee's and safety monitors. You will also learn the International Brazilian Jiujitsu Federation rules and points system which is required as part of our curriculum for promotions. The 2019 World Masters Championships will be held in Las Vegas in August. We are...