Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the world’s most dominant Martial Art

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or (BJJ) is a martial art of Japanese origin that uses levers, torsions and pressure in order to take an opponent to the ground and dominate them. The, jiū in Japanese means ‘gentleness,’ and jitsu means ‘art,’ ‘technique.’ Hence the literal translation by which it’s also known, the ‘gentle art.’


The origin, as with almost all ancient martial arts, cannot be pinpointed precisely. What is known is that its environment of development and refinement were the schools of the samurai, the warriors of feudal Japan.

Its creation derives from the fact that, in the battlefield or during any confrontation, a samurai could wind up without his swords of spears, at which point he would be weapon-less. As the samurai wore armor, the takedowns and torsions began gaining ground due to their efficiency.


Enter Mitsuyo Maeda, a.k.a. Count Koma, The martial art gained new dimensions when a celebrated instructor from the Kodokan Japanese school decided to travel the world and prove the efficiency of his choke and armlocks against opponents of all sizes and styles. Maeda traveled to the U.S. in 1904.

The Japanese techniques had many noteworthy admirers on American soil. In 1914, the valiant 5-foot-5, 68kg fighter landed in Brazil to settle down and change the sport’s history.

In 1917 a teenager named Carlos Gracie (1902–1994) saw for the first time, in Belém, a display by the Japanese man who was capable of dominating and submitting the area’s giants. Carlos and Helio Gracie spread Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil, developing a powerful network of academies and even promoting the gentle art through vale-tudo challenges.


Fast forward to present day. Royce Gracie, Born December 12, 1966) a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist, a UFC Hall of Famer, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He is considered by UFC fans to be the most influential figure in the history of modern MMA.

Gracie gained fame for his success in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dominating his opponents with incredible takedowns, arm bars, and chokes. Gracie popularized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and revolutionized mixed martial arts with his results contributing to the movement towards grappling and cross-training in the sport.

Today, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is practiced by thousands of people worldwide. For Self Defense, sport, and to stay in shape. There are many local tournaments as well as World Championships. Are you ready to start your journey?

We invite you to join us at Deland Florida’s Premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Gator Family BJJ for a FREE TRIAL. Call today to reserve your spot. 386-801-0877 or Click Here. We are located at 1760 S. Woodland Blvd. Deland, Fl.

About the author;
Wallace “Gator” Bailey is the Owner/Instructor at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Deland, Fl. A proud member of the Robson Moura Jiu-jitsu Association.

Choke your biggest fear with Jiu-Jitsu


If you really want to know happiness and realize your dreams, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith despite being afraid.

All too often, we hold back and play it safe in order to avoid becoming successful, feeling embarrassed, being hurt, or possible failure. What if Bill Gates had been frozen by fear?

We cling to fear from our childhood experiences and become like Linus, from the cartoon strip Peanuts, clinging to his security blanket.

It’s our responsibility to acknowledge, face, and dissolve our fear.

Are you willing to start now, to dig for the courage to do all the things you were meant to do, but haven’t yet started? If the answer is yes, then read on!

1. Get comfortable with fear.

When you fear something, move toward it. Feel it, and breathe through it. Imagine a 250 lb guy moving towards you thinking your someone else, and he’s really mad. Now imagine you have been training Jiu-Jitsu.

Taking a big guy down and applying a choke hold will allow you the upper hand, while not having to actually hurt you or the aggressor. Contact sparring will help you gain the confidence and techniques to defend yourself in that kind of situation.

2. Make your dominant thoughts positive.

Fearful thoughts will attract more fear. Positive thoughts will attract success. Instead of expecting the very worst, try training your mind to expect the best. Make positive assumptions about your future. So many times we make things worse in our minds than the outcome really is.

3. Don’t give your time, attention, or energy to fear.

Be innovative, take the initiative, go the extra mile. If you don’t take action despite your fear, opportunity will pass you by. If you want to win a Gold Medal, you first have to register for the competition.

Paying your money is a down payment on success. You can’t half way jump off a diving board. Remember, there is no losing in Jiu-Jitsu. You win, or you learn.

4. Revisit your victories.

Strengthen your belief in yourself by reflecting on the last three years of your life and every success you’ve experienced.

Close your eyes and feel the celebratory emotion of each one. Bring the same drive, persistence, and talent into now and allow it to inspire and motivate you.

5. Live vicariously through the victories of others.

Use the success stories of others.
Read about the success of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah Winfrey. Take note of the courage they developed and follow their path to greatness.

6. Ask your family and friends for encouragement.

My family see’s my strength when I forget it. They don’t hesitate to remind me of the trials and triumphs we have come through. They’re generous with praise and encouragement. Ask your loved ones to do the same for you.

7. Plan to be great.

Step into your power and dream big and follow it up with calculated risks and deliberate action steps. Have no doubt about your success. Your dreams are at stake here!

You have the power to do whatever it takes to break through any obstacles that stand in the way of yourself, your dreams, and your happiness.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has helped me overcome so many obstacles in my life. I would like to share it with you. In the Deland, Fl. Area, call me at 386-801-0877 or visit our website to reserve your spot! Gator Family BJJ

About the Author;
Wallace “Gator” Bailey is the Owner/Instructor at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Deland, Fl. A proud member of the Robson Moura Jiu-jitsu Association.

I have a secret!


I want to share it with you. We all struggle with day to day problems. Unfortunately, some of us keep doing the same things and expect different results.

What if I shared with you just one thing that has turned my life around? Not just my health or my outlook on life but, about everything.

What if I told you in as little as three hours a week, you could drop a few pounds and gain crazy new confidence?

You may think I’m crazy but thousands of kids and adults around the world are doing this one simple thing and producing amazing results.

OK, enough sounding like an infomercial lol. My secret is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have been training for six years. I have met so many new friends from around the world who share my passion.

Everyone I have talked to expressed that Jiu-Jitsu has changed their lives for the better in so many ways. Not just on the mats learning techniques but, in the office and out on the job.

Jiu-Jitsu is so much more than a Martial Art, Self Defense system, and sport. Having something in common brings us closer together as an extended family.

Working as a family, we support each others goals and aspirations on and off the mats. Our support system is second to none!

If you or your child is ready to change one little thing in your schedule to have a huge impact on your lives I invite you to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

If you are in the Deland, Fl. area we invite you to try a free class at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If not, please find an Academy near you.

Wallace “Gator” Bailey is the Owner/Instructor at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Deland, Fl. A proud member of the Robson Moura Jiu-jitsu Association.

Top 5 myths about Jiu-Jitsu!

Let’s count them down…
I get asked all the time just exactly what is this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu thing, and what is it all about. So let’s demystify BJJ.

5. Oh, that’s like Karate right?

While Karate and Jiu-Jitsu are both Martial Arts and promote the same values such as Confidence, Respect, Integrity, and Self Defense. There is a difference. Karate is primarily a stand up form while Jiu-Jitsu focuses on taking an attacker or opponent to the ground and/or defending yourself while on the ground. Fact; 90% of all fights end up on the ground.

4. Yea, that’s for tough guys!

Jiu-Jitsu is all about technique and promotes that a smaller, weaker person can defend themselves against a larger, stronger attacker using leverage, joint locks, and chokes. Our programs are built on Respect for everyone. There are no egos or “tough guys”. We have a competition team that is encouraged, but not mandatory. Most of our students from kids to adults just enjoy having fun and staying in shape.

3. I’m a Girl, that’s really not for me!

Myth busted! Almost half of our Academy is full of girls and ladies. We all have the same goals while helping and learning from each other. We have girls and ladies who compete as well. While having dinner the other nite, I saw several students downtown. You would never know seeing them in dresses and bows in their hair that the day before they were standing on the podium with Gold Medals after intense battles on the mats.

2. You have to be in shape to do that!

Exactly the opposite is true! The Team at the Academy is always there to help and encourage. You can train at your own pace and expect to see changes in as little as two weeks. Your cardio will begin to get stronger and your confidence will grow. With small consistent actions and a Team behind you, you can reach any goal.

And the #1. Myth about BJJ

1. I’m not into that UFC stuff!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has fighters with all kinds of Martial Arts backgrounds. Jiu-Jitsu is only one of the Martial Arts on display. Primarily because of it’s effectiveness for ground self defense and submissions. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu does not allow strikes, punches, or kicks. When these are added, the sport is very different from Jiu-Jitsu and is then called Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

We hope you enjoyed reading the Top 5 myths about BJJ. We encourage you to start training at a local Academy. If you live in Volusia County near Deland, Fl. Stop in and see us at
Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

About the Author;
Wallace “Gator” Bailey is the Owner/Instructor at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Deland, Fl. A proud member of the Robson Moura Jiu-jitsu Association.




Stop Bullying with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month in the U.S. But shouldn’t every month be bullying prevention month? Shouldn’t we do more about this problem?

I don’t think “epidemic” is too extreme a term to use in this context. The American Medical Association has labeled bullying a public health concern. I have come to care about and advocate for this issue because I am a father and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor. Through my research I have found many of the current approaches to the problem simply aren’t working.

I teach kids as young as six years old, and I have seen first-hand that martial arts can play an important role in bullying-prevention. I have also learned several other key lessons about bullying and bullying-prevention that could make a difference for our kids and our schools.

1. Teaching Acceptance

Teaching tolerance shouldn’t be our goal. Nobody wants to be tolerated. People just want to be accepted. Let’s aim higher and have faith that our children will meet our expectations. Let’s strive to teach acceptance, both at home and in our schools.

2. Modernize Our Thinking

The age old method of addressing bullying with a student assembly at the beginning of the school year just isn’t working anymore. School culture has changed, just take a look at the headlines to see the tragic consequences of bullying, especially cyber-bullying. It’s evident that our approach needs to change as well.

3. Adapting Our Strategies

Some of the current methods are ineffective. The American Psychological Association Zero Tolerance Task Force concluded that zero tolerance policies have not improved school safety or school environments, and a different strategy is necessary.

4. Compassion and Curriculum

Some of the methods that seem to be more effective are those that are both positive and integrated. First, rather than focus on punishing the perpetrator and preventing contact between the “bully” and the “victim”, we can focus on teaching positive social behaviors, such as respect, compassion and kindness. Second, bullying-prevention should be integrated, intentionally tied to curriculum and possibly to a school-wide theme as well.

5. Avoid Labeling

We need to stop labeling children. When a child is repeatedly called a bully, imagine what that can do to his or her self-esteem and self-perception. Let’s focus on discussing the action — the bullying behavior — rather than labeling the child a bully (or victim). Small changes in our language can make a huge difference in how our children view themselves.

6. Include the Martial Arts

We need to get creative. It is well documented that young people respond favorably to Martial Arts, and that participation in Martial Arts has both cognitive and affective benefits for children. At Gator Family BJJ we provide our students with the skills necessary to prevent bullying and to defend themselves in the event of a physical attack.

The bullying epidemic will persist until we do something about it. We need to own this problem, as communities and as a society. This will take time, resources, and a commitment to making changes in our schools (and in our homes too). But aren’t our children worth it? Shouldn’t we do everything in our power to help them?

To learn more about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Deland Florida area,
Click Here.

About the author;
Wallace “Gator” Bailey is the Owner/Instructor at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Deland, Fl. A proud member of the Robson Moura Jiu-jitsu Association.


My Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor Robson Moura

I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu about six years ago at a Robson Moura affiliated Academy. I met Prof. Robson at my first seminar and belt promotion. He was humble, soft spoken, and showed amazing technique. He had charm, and charisma that exuded “Black Belt” status!

Fast forward to today. I am now the Owner/Instructor at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a Robson Moura affiliate school in Deland, Florida.

Prof. Robson is a mentor and friend. He has been invited to a super fight at Polaris 2 on 9/12/15 available live on pay per view at

Just a few of Prof. Robson’s accomplishments are;
World Championships: 8
Years 1996 / 1997 / 1998 / 1999 / 2000 / 2002 / 2007 / 2012

Brazilian Championships for Team: 6
Years 1997 / 1998 / 2000 / 2001 / 2002 / 2003

Pan American Championships: 2
Years: 1996 & 2007 – Los Angeles CA.

Rio de Janiero Championships: 8
Years: 1990 / 1991 / 1992 / 1993 / 1994 / 1995 / 1996 / 1997

Netherlands Open Championship: 1
Years: 1996

Challenge Med Cannibal Champion: 1
Year: 1996

LA Sub X Champion: 2006

U.S. Nationals Pro Black Belt Champion: 2007

Sao Paulo Championships: 3

Rickson Gracie Tournament 2009
1st Place – Featherweight Division

No doubt Prof. Robson will put on a great show for the fans. His amazing guard passing style and stunning submissions will be on display.

Join the Gator Family in wishing Prof. Robson all the best and a great fight at his competition at Polaris 2!

About the author;
Wallace Bailey is the Owner/Instructor at Gator Family BJJ. A Robson Moura Jiu-Jitsu Association member. Wallace is a Purple belt under Master Robson Moura an 8x World Champion and Jiu-Jitsu Hall of Fame inductee

FAQ’S about training at Gator Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Where is your Academy? We are located at Victoria Square shopping center a few doors from Gators Dockside and the movie theater. 1760 S. Woodland Blvd. Deland, Fl.

What’s the best way to contact you?You can reach Coach Wallace directly by calling or texting 386-801-0877.

Do I have to be in shape to start training? No. Jiu-Jitsu is a great way lose weight, tone up, and increase cardio.

Do you offer trials? Yes, we welcome you to try a FREE class or a two week trial for $19.99

What should I wear to try a free class? Comfortable shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt.

What age can my kids start Jiu-Jitsu? Our kids program for boys and girls starts at 6 years old.

Do you have any women in the Adult class? Absolutely, 1/3 of our adult class are ladies.

What days can I train? Our current schedule is Tuesday and Thursday. Kids at 5:30, Adults at 6:30. We also have open mats and field trips to train with Master Robson Moura.

Do I have to compete? No. We have an amazing competition team but there is no requirement to compete. Most students just train for fun, FITNESS, and self defense.

Does your Academy have an affiliation? Gator Family BJJ is a proud member of the Robson Moura Jiu-Jitsu Association.

How much are classes? Our rates are less than $15. per class.

Do I have to sign a contract? We offer yearly memberships and punchcards.

For more info please contact Coach Wallace 386-801-0877 and be sure visit our website



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October 2014

Congratulations Professor Robson on winning your match with Parrumpinha at the 2014 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo. The 2014 RMNU Camp in Tampa Fl. was once again a huge success. Fifteen Black Belts attended this years conference. Professor Robson Moura led the way and brought in Professors Jeff Mitchell, Josef Manuel, Andre Ushirobira, Jean Rotondaro, and Marcello Finotti. Technique after world class technique was demonstrated and drilled by students. Everyone had the opportunity to grapple with World Champions. Professor Andre Ushirobira won another World Championship at Worlds in Long Beach California shortly after the camp. A great Family reunion was had by all. A huge Congratulations go out to newly promoted Black Belts Professor Lane Andrews Jr. and Professor Domenic Passero. We are honored and blessed to be part of the RMNU Family

July 2014

    June was exciting at Gator Family. Master Robson Moura gave an amazing seminar at our Academy. Professor Bobby Hughes from RMNU Headquarters attended as well. It was truly an honor. John Gorsuch, Owner/Instructor from RMNU St. Cloud also made the trip. following the seminar, the Gator Family and St. Cloud students performed amazing demonstrations and were honored with belt promotions. Congratulations Shayne Boyer, Jamison Chinn, Nick Chillemi, Jacob Billups, Lani Stover, Jonathan Wessel, Alex Beckett, Angel Rolon, and Carlos Baez. We also had an exciting self defense workshop with the West Volusia Runners club. What an amazing group. Be sure to reserve a date for your group here! We are looking forward to some upcoming tournaments and the RMNU Conference at Headquarters in October.          

Robson Moura Seminar June 2014
Robson Moura Seminar June 2014
West Volusia Runners June 2014
West Volusia Runners June 2014



January 2014

   The new year has been exciting. Already this month students have attended a seminar with Gracie Black Belt Diego Moraes. On the 18th we traveled to RMNU Headquarters in Tampa. We had a great training session with Robson Moura and many high ranking students. Instructors Wallace Bailey and Christopher Franklin received stripe promotions. Shayne Boyer was awarded two well deserved stripes. Robson welcomed Christian Pursley and Nick Chillemi to the family. Congratulations guys, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. After training we visited the MMAC Grappling tournament held at the USF Sundome. The ladies stole the show with some amazing matches. We have more events scheduled in addition to regular classes this month. Field trips to our friends academies (To be announced). On Jan.25th, Nova Uniao of Central Fl. instructed by RMNU Brown Belt John Gorsuch will be hosting a "Spider Gaurd Workshop" from 10AM-12, $10. Kids and adults welcome, followed by an open mat. We will be hosting a seminar at our school Jan31st "Takedowns and Throws, Advanced survival strategies" $15. followed by Open Mat. Open to everyone. We are starting a "Student Spotlight" for media promotions. The goal is to show the diversity of practitioners of the "Gentle Art" and to spread the word that Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone. If you would like to be included please answer a few questions below. Email answers to Thanks



How long have you trained:


Why did you start training Jiu-Jitsu:

What do you like most about Jiu-Jitsu:

What are your goals in Jiu-Jitsu:

How has Jiu-Jitsu helped you in everyday life:

What would you say to a new student:


We will be marching in the DeLand Veterans Day parade, Downtown DeLand on Sat. November 9TH at 10:00 AM. Please let Mr. Wallace know if you plan on marching. Please show up in full uniform. All Veteran family members are encouraged to march with us. Reminder, as part of the RMNU association all students must have an RMNU uniform or patches by December 1st. We are tentatively scheduling an in house Jiu-Jitsu tournament for December. We are inviting other schools to attend. This is a great introduction to competition.

2013 RMNU Conference
2013 RMNU Conference


The 2013 RMNU Conference was amazing, it included three days and nights of training, fun, and friends. Make plans now to attend next year as space is limited. In attendance were world champions and many honored black belts who were excited as anyone to be there. Our instructors this year were Professors Josef “Ze Cobra” Manuel, Andre Ushirobira, Jeff Mitchell, and special guest Vitor “Shaolin” Ribiero. Professor Robson “Robinho” Moura closed each day with exciting techniques. On Friday night the team went to Busch Gardens to relax and let loose. On Saturday night everyone was invited to the banquet at Texas De Brazil, a truly one of a kind experience. Each training day also included an opportunity to roll. Getting to meet some of the best in Jiu-Jitsu is cool. Hanging out with them and getting pointers is great. Getting to grapple and train with them is priceless. As the final day concluded, Robson gave promotions. A huge congratulations on First Degree Black Belt to  Josef Manuel, Jeff Mitchell and Steve Snyder. GFBJJ is honored to be a part of the RMNU association.





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